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“Professionally, Rob through my experience is sincerely that true professional in every sense of the word. Certainly, his ability to teach and play is second to none receiving national rankings year after year. He has been actively involved in USPTA sectional and national meetings seminars and education.  He is a constant learner with developing all the tools of the trade to create great players and programs for his club.  Rob is one of the best I have ever seen and is always ready to share his expertise and knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.”  

Michael Van Zutphen (USPTA Master Professional)

"Rob Horsch is a winner.  I've been fortunate to have worked with Rob in the past on different national projects, and there are very few pros who can coach and have the respect of players and students along the entire spectrum from beginners to tour players.  I've seen him work magic with children in making the introduction to tennis be nothing but fun.  He gets the mid range recreational players improving quickly, and he has the ear of the competitive players from the nationally ranked juniors on up to the tour players.  Whether you just want to improve a portion of your game to get better or plan on playing tennis for a living, do yourself a favor and spend some time with Rob, for you will not go wrong by taking lessons from one of the top pros in the industry."

Lee DeYoung  (Head Tester:  USPTA California Division)

Coaching Skills- Rob is one of the most proficient and studied tennis coaches in the country

Motivation Skills- Rob's middle name is "positive" Every suggestion is "what to do"

Fitness Skills- Rob is one of the fittest Tennis coach's in America and he instills that aspect to each student

Tactical Skills- As a top National level tournament player, Rob knows what it takes to compete and achieve success

Many coaches are good at certain things. Rob Horsch is Great at all aspects of coaching. 

Tom Breece (USPTA, President Arizona Tennis Association)

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“Rob has been helping to improve my performance and enjoyment of tennis for over ten years. His passion and knowledge of the game results in a teaching and coaching style that can help any player. My wife and daughter are playing with Rob weekly and enjoying tennis more and more as a result. I recommend Rob Horsch to anyone who wants to improve his or her game and enjoy tennis more than ever before.” 

Rick Parkhill (Tennis Player)

“Rob is a great coach in so many ways. Workouts are fun, energetic and educational - a fabulous way to unwind after work. Rob studies teaching techniques. His new and varied approaches help improve technique, athleticism, and truly enhance the enjoyment and knowledge of tennis.”  

Larry Nokes (Tennis player)

“Your energy, enthusiasm, and optimism are contagious.  It's amazing what a positive influence you've had on Vanessa and Valerie.  Thanks so much for your dedication and professionalism.”  

Judy Bukowski (Jr. Tennis parent)

“Rob always comes to his lessons prepared to work on your individual needs to help bring your game to the next level. He is extremely professional and has a world of tennis knowledge to share with you!” 

Connie Masciorini (Tennis player)

“I have been playing with Rob for two years and have improved faster and become better than I ever thought possible. Rob's coaching is instructional, fun, and a great workout. He has become a friend and mentor, for life on and off the court." 

Callaghan McDonough (Jr. Tennis player)

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